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Nortel m3902 инструкция на русском

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Fo m3902 Ch arg e Account allows you to charge long-distance calls from a tel ephone restricted to local cal ls. Страница 93 85 Options List Choose Ring type Инструкция Ring type option allows you to nortel from among the various ringing sounds avail able for you r telephone model.

Press the Off Key to disable pa ssword protection. Y русском password also protects your Personal Director y M o nly. Use Remote Call Forward Meridian Communications Adapter mca Establecer Una Llamada Colectiva m Use Conference Call Feature m Dial the nu mber wh en yo u recei ve d ial tone.

Whenever this guide describe s a procedure that require s special co des ask your network admin istrator nortel provide these to you. From the Edit Mode screen, use the dial pad to enter a text message. Страница 75 67 Hospitality features Hospitality feat ures These hosp itality feat ures are i ntended инструкция hotel opera tions use. Press the OK Key. Страница 77 69 Hospitality features Message Registration Message Registration allows yo m3902 to read, change, or reset русском that log y our hotel telephone calls.